Our history

Villa Paola, a family atmosphere, made of kindness and courtesy.

We two brothers, Vito and Roberto, want to introduce ourselves and tell you our story, which begins 30 years ago ...

It was 1989 when Lucio and Paola, our parents, from Bari, traveling around Puglia, decided to buy this villa in Torre dell'Orso for the summer holidays of the whole family. Since then our summers for the entire period of school closure have been spent there, together with grandmother Angela and our parents who joined us at the weekend and during their vacation.

And so, year after year, the wonderful expanses of olive trees, the crystalline sea, the villages rich in history, culture, and traditions of Salento, have represented the magical atmosphere in which we spent carefree the summer periods of our childhood and adolescence. But inevitably the years passed, we grew, and our commitments as adults no longer allowed us to spend the entire summers in our beloved beach house.

And so in 2015 we decided to bring to life that family atmosphere, that atmosphere of love and serenity enclosed in our villa even to those who wished to spend their time immersed in the magical land of Salento.

Over the years we have invested time, ideas and energy to make our guests' experience more and more unique, so that their memories of the experiences lived here in Salento, welcomed and pampered by the atmosphere of Villa Paola, can always accompany them pleasantly over time .

From 2018 the management of the villa is exclusively in our hands, but always with the heart turned to our mother whose name the villa bears, in memory of the wonderful and loving person who was and who left us too soon.

Villa Paola today more than ever represents for us a source of pride for the appreciation of its management confirmed year after year by our guests who inevitably become part of our family after their stay.

If you want to spend a wonderful beach holiday in Torre dell'Orso, and at the same time immerse yourself in the wonderful culture, in the ancient history, in the uncontaminated nature and in the renowned architecture of the Salento land, do not hesitate to ask us for more information about your stay at Villa Paola. We will be happy to have you as our guests.

Vito and Roberto